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Calls drop after 1-2 hours on every call

# Problem: Calls drop at the same time, every time. I.e after 1 hour or most often 2 hours. # Solution: Most PBX's have a max call duration (default setting 120 minutes) to help prevent toll fraud. You will have to locate this setting and increase the call duration. Or be aware of this setting and place your call a…

Password Requirements

###### SIP password: Must be at least 8 characters long and a maximum of 15 characters long. Must contain at least 1 upper case characters Must contain at least 1 lower case characters Must contain at least 1 digits [0-9] Can't have more than 3 consecutive digits Can contain special characters [!@^#$%*_-+=? ] (R…

Rogue echo during call

# Problem: The customer hears echo during calls. * * * # Solution: In a voice call, an echo occurs when you hear your own voice repeated. There are 2 ways echo can occur: 1. Electronically through poor cabling or latency. Review/replace cabling or address the latency issues. 2. Acoustic feedback through sound wa…

Computer applications that can affect voice quality

Certain network applications on your LAN can create poor VoIP call quality by saturating your local network's router/firewall device. Bandwidth saturation rarely is the cause of this. High local packet per second load, or PPS load, will often push conventional consumer router/firewalls to their limit and not process p…

Dropped calls when using a Juniper firewall

Calls can be dropped about 30s or 15m into a call across our Juniper firewall. This is due to the ALG (application layer gateway) service for SIP not handling packets properly. When we send a SIP re-invite, the remote VoIP gateway responds with the proper 200/OK; however, the Juniper firewall drops the 200 response an…

VoIP Calls, Bandwidth Calculator

Please use the attached excel to confirm the required bandwidth for the maximum number of calls that you will have on your network.

Double Ringing effect

Occasionally an outgoing call produces a double ringing effect. It will sound like the ring is pulsating or overlapped with another background ring. This is an SS7 issue. We send out the equivalent of an Invite, the other side responds back with 'yes, found it, ringing it'. Then it comes back with an in- band calling…

What information do in need to provide when calling or creating a ticket to report an issue?

Company Name: Contact Name: Contact number: Account number (Main uControl username 2000####): ThinkTel Circuit ID having issues: Description of issue / When did the problem start? Examples, ping tests, traceroutes, etc.: Any other information related to your issue:

SNOM phones cannot receive or make calls on a PPPOE internet connection

SNOM IP phones are known for sending very large packets (1500 bytes) that may be dropped by routers that are connected to PPPOE internet connections. PPPOE internet connections have a maximum packet payload of 1492 bytes, which may not be fragmented by the site router and simply dropped. A solution to this is to use …

What main factors can affect call quality?

# Problem: Calls sound choppy and cut in & out. * * * # Solution: Choppy calls are usually caused by high latency, Jitter or packet loss in the ISP

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