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Changing Channel Commit and/or Burst

**When trying to change your channel commit through **[****][1]** you have to...** 1. Open uControl 2. Click on "Services" Tab then click "SIP Trunks". 3. Click on the blue sip trunk that you are wanting to edit. 4. Beside the SIP Trunk in question click the "details" button **To change the co…

How to check channel usage

**When trying to check channel usage through [][1] you have to...** 1. Open uControl 2. Click on the Blue "Billing" Tab then click on "Usage" which will then bring you to "Usage Dashboard" These are customary fields and will have to be selected based on the requirement * Under Type sel…

Channel Commit/Burst and load balancing

# Channel Commit = Is the number of committed channels that you will be charged for every month. Channel Burst = Is the number of channels that you can use (Burst) as needed. Once you use one of your burst channels it becomes a committed channel for the remaining day. So if you have 5 committed channels and 5 burst…

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