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Access Codes for Call Services
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Not all access codes will work by default. Some will only work if they are enabled in our switch. If one of the codes is not working for you please contact support by submitting a ticket at or by phone 866-928-4465 Options 1-3-1..

General Call Services Controls

Pin Change (Must know your current PIN)
    Access Code *319

Call forwarding Services

Unconditional Call Forwarding
    Enable Code *72
    Disable Code *73

Busy Call forwarding
    Enable Code *90
    Disable Code *91

Delayed Call forwarding 
    Enable Code *92
    Disable Code *93

Selective Call forwarding
    Access Code *63

    Enable Code *220
    Disable Code *221

    Enable Code *230
    Disable Code *231

Before the Unconditional, Busy, or Delayed Call Forwarding forwards can be applied a courtesy call needs to be placed.

  1. Dial access code

    There will be a high pitch tone
  2. Dial destination number

    Customer will hear "beep beep" then silence

    Rings on the destination phone.
  3. If someone picks up, the CFWD is enabled. If not, repeat Steps 1-2 and the Call Forward will be enabled.

Call Park Services

Park Access Code *291
Retrieve Access Code *292

Call Pickup Services

Call Pickup 
    Access Code *11
Directed Pickup (no barge-in) 
    Access Code *12

Caller ID Services

Incoming Calling Name and Number Delivery
    Enable Code *65
    Disable Code *85

Automatic Recall 
    Two stage access code *69
    Deactivate all outstanding recall request *89

Automatic Callback
    Enable Code *66
    Disable Code *86

Call Trace - Usage Sensitive Billing
    Access Code *57

Present Number Code
    Access Code *82

Withhold Number Code
    Access Code *67

Last Caller ID Erasure
    Access Code *320

Incoming Call Services

Selective Call Rejection
    Access Code *60

Anonymous Call Rejection
    Enable Code *77
    Disable Code *87

Do Not Disturb
    Enable Code *78
    Disable Code *79

Priority Call
    Access Code *61

MLHG Login/out
    Access Code *388

Messaging Services

Voice Mail 
    Access Code *98

Reminder Calls
    Enable Code *310
    Disable all reminders code *311
    Disable one reminder code *312
    Check Reminder code *313

Regular Reminder Calls
    Enable Code *314
    Disable all reminders code *315
    Disable one reminder code*316
    Check Regular Reminder code *317

Multi Party Call Services

Call Hold 
    Access Code *52

Disable Call Waiting for duration of call 
    Access Code *70

Outgoing Call Services

To use the below disable codes you will also have to use your pin code. If you do not know this code please contact support by email or by phone 866-928-4465 can also be changed via Settings-->Account-->Call Services

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