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Mandatory Account Codes
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Mandatory Account Codes are available for hosted lines or on the PBX/Trunk, they can't be set on the DID. They are also not billing sensitive but are offered to help customers prevent toll fraud on their lines.

Some PBX's can be configured to use access codes (If possible, you will have to contact your PBX manufacturer to find out) under the class 5 services.

We can set up multiple account codes (1 for each of your DIDs or if a shared line one for each person who uses the phone) We can pre-set the codes in our switch, that you can then assign as you wish.

There are no prompts to enter your account code. After you have dialled the number you will hear a stutter tone(Like a dial tone). You then enter your account code and the call completes. If you don't enter the code you will then hear a message prompting you to enter the code.


There are two types of account codes.

  • Validated To make a call that requires account codes, the user must specify a code that matches one of the entries in the Mandatory Account Codes - valid account codes field. (For a Business Group Line, this includes codes defined for the parent Business Group if Mandatory Account Codes - inherit codes and code length is True.)
  • Non-validated The user can specify any code of the correct length(1-15). The code is recorded in billing data but is not checked. (Used to keep track of calls placed on customer behalf)


We can apply the account codes to the following types of calls.

  • International
    International, InterLATA International, and International Toll-Free calls
  • National
    InterLATA national, Other N11, and Other Non-geographic calls
  • Local
  • Operator
    Operator and Operator Service calls
  • Premium
  • Directory
    Directory Assist calls
  • Local Business Group
    Calls within a Business Group (made using intercom codes) that are billed as local calls.
  • Other Business Group
    Calls within a Business Group (made using intercom codes) that are billed as anything other than local calls.
  • Regional
    IntraLATA calls
  • Carrier dialled
    FGD Cut through and FGB calls


We can also configure.

  • Code length (1-15)
  • Max incorrect code attempts per call (0-50) Default 1 (If this limit is reached caller will have to place the call again and retry to enter the account code)
  • Max incorrect code attempts (0-50) Default 10 (If this limit is reached Thinktel will need to be contacted to reset the account codes)
  • Valid account codes (No Limit)


If you would like account codes configured onto one of your numbers, please submit a ticket to our Orders department via email at with the below information.

  • Phone Number you wish account codes applied on:
  • Validated or Non-validated:
  • Max incorrect attempts per call:
  • Max number of failed calls before lock applied:
  • The number of codes required:

If you have specific codes you wish to use, please supply them at the time of ticket creation.

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